We offer far more flexibility in pricing and packages!

What is we told you that you can have all of the luxury you could need and want ... all of the dependability ... all of the trust - without paying the cost for those things? While other companies keep raising their rates, our process for reaching the quote that we give you (that saves you money) is still the same.

If your budget is a concern, we can help!

We say to Contact Ft Myers Party Buses for a personalized quote because that's what we give to everyone! You could very possibly save on your rental based on what day it is on, which season you are calling us during, what kind of event that you have, what time of day you wish to be picked up, how many occasions you are planning with us at once, and many more ways! Call us today for an exclusive quote that is competitive and we promise to give better service than other companies who really only care about your one-time business. We strive to keep long-term clients and form relationships! One way to do that is to help with the overall cost of things!

We offer many different rate packages for savings - here are just a few of them...

For several event types, we offer a great selection of package deals depending on time, date, and vehicle choice. Package deals are particularly popular for the following types of events:

  • If you are planning a wedding, we have special rates and inclusions to offer you. Also, if you are planning your bachelor and/or bachelorette parties along with your wedding, we can extend even more savings to you!
  • Sporting events are a very popular use of a party bus. After all, can you think of a better tailgating vehicle?
  • Go on a trip to another town in a luxurious party bus. We have discounted rates available to our touring customers. Please call to inquire.

Whatever your individual needs are, we're confident and sure that we can give you the kind of value for your dollar that you may not experience with other party bus companies.